07/09/2016 – horrorfuel.com  has now reviewed Webcast. They didn’t tell us it was up on their site, but we knew it was there. They really need to draw those curtains once in a while. 

12/09/2016 – youvegotredonyou.com now has Webcast on it too (Webcast already had plenty of red on it).  

02/09/2016 – Webcast has been reviewed by UKHorrorScene – and it’s shockingly good. BOO. 

23/08/2016 – Dread Central have now reviewed Webcast – and they did such a good job, we won’t be stalking them from behind the curtains. 

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16/08/2016 – We have received our first review courtesy of topfoundfootagefilms.com and we couldn’t be more pleased with their very kind words – thank you! Click on the quote to read the full article. 

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16/08/2016 – Forbidden Planet have reviewed Webcast for their blog. We’re pretty honoured! Click on the quote to read the full article. 

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