WEBCAST is a super-low budget independent film, but it’s our dream to see it get a theatrical release and be seen by as many people who love horror as is humanly possible.

This success can only be achieved with your help.

How? Simple. Watch the WEBCAST trailer and if you like it, let us know you want to see it.

You can send us an email, a tweet, a facebook post or an instagram picture. Just let us know where in the world you are and hashtag it #IWannaSeeWebcast

Once you’ve done that, tell your horror-loving friends to watch and share the trailer. Get them involved – we want the whole horror community and beyond to know about our movie – and we want to scare them in their cinema seats too.

The more demand we have, the stronger our chances of getting theatrical distribution. 

Thanks for reading, enjoy the trailer, and demand WEBCAST play at a cinema or theatre near you.



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